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by mahon
19 Nov 2012, o 23:01
Forum: Hi, my name's ...
Topic: Hello!
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Re: Hello!

Oh, another painter of horse models! I am really curious to see what you can teach us here and if you need some feedback or help - write, ask, we'll be happy to talk :)

Enjoy your stay here :)
by mahon
19 Nov 2012, o 10:38
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Jay's Wargame Painting - Project Iron Warriors UPDATE!!
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Re: Jay's Wargame Painting - Project Iron Warriors

the models look good. actually i like the dusty look very much.
i would only suggest adding some edging, highlighting along the edges a bit to define detals a bit better - particularly on the larger models like the rhino.
by mahon
19 Nov 2012, o 10:37
Forum: WIP
Topic: Gavvas WIP
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Re: Gavvas WIP

trousers on the first photo - my favorite part. not perfectly smooth, but it's not the most important thing. they simply look good. sometimes it's not all about technical perfection, but more about getting the overall impression right.
by mahon
19 Nov 2012, o 10:35
Forum: Gotowe prace
Topic: [PL] Pamperki Rentalla
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Re: [PL] Pamperki Rentalla

Ja też myślę, że tak :)
Na pierwszy rzut oka ich nie doceniłem, ale po chwili oglądania jakoś do mnie bardziej dotarli. Fajny, spójny oddział. Malowanie nie przekombinowane, a zarazem wystarczająco efektowne.
by mahon
17 Nov 2012, o 13:14
Forum: WIP
Topic: FiloSganga's WIP
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Re: FiloSganga's WIP

looks great so far - flat and simple but very neat. now go add some shading and highlighting :)
by mahon
17 Nov 2012, o 13:14
Forum: WIP
Topic: Inquizarus paint-slap corner
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Re: Inquizarus paint-slap corner

I don't think these reds are too flat. I only think they need some more definition by emphasizing their edges a bit. highlights of the edges plus some darklining should do the trick
by mahon
16 Nov 2012, o 20:22
Forum: WIP
Topic: Serraphim's W.I.P
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Re: Serraphim's W.I.P

add a glaze of thinned black ink over the coat and you will reduce the chalkiness and even smooth the transitions a bit :)

i like your progress on the model here. it seems it's going to be a nice display model :)
by mahon
16 Nov 2012, o 19:40
Forum: Gotowe prace
Topic: [PL] Kolorowy kącik Zuntar-a
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Re: [PL] Kolorowy kącik Zuntar-a

nie musisz tego osiągać transparentnymi farbami. masz drugą opcję: mieszanie na mokro (wetblending) spróbuj - ale nie na modelu - na większej powierzchni będzie trochę łatwiej poćwiczyć. może na kartoniku, może na jakimś talerzyku. nałóż dwa różne kolory obok siebie - tak że mogą się nawet ze sobą s...
by mahon
15 Nov 2012, o 22:35
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Gavvas Showcase
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Re: Gavvas Showcase

good nmm, decent smoothness. what needs some improvement (badly! - if you want to move up from gaming quality painting) is the faces. you surely read the tutorial from Morsi on our site, didn't you?
by mahon
15 Nov 2012, o 22:34
Forum: Hi, my name's ...
Topic: Hi!
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Re: Hi!

Glad to see you here, Henrik. Good luck finding time for your hobby.
I know how hard it can be. Fingers crossed for you!