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3D Printable Miniatures for Fantasy gaming, painting, display!

Posted: 9 Oct 2017, o 16:48
by rocketpiggames
Hey guys. I just happen to find your forum while I was looking for tutorials on how to paint my Stout Hearted Heroes miniatures! I'm so happy I did :) Although I can create amazing miniatures and creatures...I cannot paint them, lol. So, I'm just starting my journey!

My Kickstarter is live and ends on Halloween. I have over 200 3D printable miniatures and creatures and they are all beautifully stylized by very experienced 3D modelers. Even if you don't have a 3D printer, there are lots of places that print files for you. They are coming down so much in price now though, everyone will be able to have one!

Thank you for letting me share here and I look forward to finding some good tips to get me going on painting them! ... nav_search